Nothing lasts forever – bluetooth pedals

Having worked on unrealBook for over 10 years now, I have been fortunate to use different bluetooth pedals with unrealBook. Unfortunate as it may be, with barely any use my CODA Stomp now refuses to connect to any device, my iRig Blueturn refuses to connect in a similar fashion with the error “pairing took too long” and now my iRig Blueboard is dropping connections sometimes within seconds and other times after a few minutes.

I am at a loss to explain how a bluetooth pedal can decide to no longer connect. They broadcast to the iPad because I can see them, but when I try to connect they donʻt connect. In fact, the CODA Stomp will lock up with the LED turning off and the power button stuck on.

I have to point out that my Airturn pedals all continue to work and pair.