Utilities Window

Email Preferences

Allows you to email a backup of the unrealBook preferences file.

Backup All Support Files

Will allow you to backup a zip of the support files that unrealBook creates (minus the PDF files). These are all the support files unrealBook creates minus the PDF files. You can upload to dropbox, email or use Open in… (airdrop).

Back to Dropbox

Provided you have the time and enough space on Dropbox, this will upload all your files to Dropbox. unrealBook will attempt to upload each file one by one to Dropbox. Since this can take a long time, I recommend using a computer and doing a manual backup.

Airdrop Documents to Computer – (iPad Pro only or capable iPad), allows you to Airdrop the entire contents of unrealBook to your computer. This will be a full backup of files.

Reset Preferences To Defaults – This will reset the preferences of unrealBook including the password for restricting file sharing (if you have defined one in the settings->global->functions.

Convert All Old Files To New – Only needed if you have really old files from unrealBook and have updated from a really old iPad to iPad Pro.