Creating Lists for subsets of songs

Creating Lists for subsets of songs

Lists are a way of displaying a subset of all the charts you have. For example if you are playing with a Jazz band, you might want to only see charts that pertain to that Jazz band. Lists are similar to set lists, except they are in the Songs menu. In addition, they are sorted and indexed automatically. When you search through a list, only the songs in the list are searched

Choose Add List… from the Songs menu


Add songs into a list using the -> buttons


Use the -> buttons to add songs to your list. You can also use the search icon to add files to the list. Press Save List after you are done.

Turn a set list into a list


You can use the Add Set List To Songs Menu command to turn the current set list into a list that you can access from the Songs menu.

Access your saved lists in the Songs menu


Saved lists appear in the Songs menu after the Indexes entry. Choose any list and select a song to display in unrealBook.

Advanced- Use to turn a folder hierarchy into lists


You can use to organize a directory that contains folders arranged exactly as you want them to appear in unrealBook. Name the folders exactly as you want them to appear and put pdf files in the folders. Choose Action->Remote Files navigate to your folder that contains the folder hierarchy on Once the folder is current, press the Build Lists button. Your lists will automatically be created. Any existing lists with the same names are overwritten. Note that nested folders are not allowed and files are not copied from the folders. This is just a quick and easy way to create lists.