Yep, used for clipping. You need these.

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2.7 V Zener Diode

Oh I like the sound of these 2.7V zeners in the clipping circuits! Look at the zener string for the Tube screamer on the forum. It made the clipping...


Bat46 diode

Bat46 Diode for special circuits


Eight 1N34a Germanium Diodes

Eight 1N34a Germanium Diodes - I got a number of these in. They make good clipping diodes in feedback loops along with the standard Si diodes. Note:...


Ten 1N4001 Diodes

1N4001 diodes. Use this in power supplies (for reverse polarity protection) and for clipping diodes. Bag of 10.


Twenty 1N4148 Silicon Diodes

Twenty 1N4148 Silicon Diodes - An excellent match for use with germanium diodes to achieve asymmetrical distortion! This diode can be also be used...


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