unrealBook is designed for use on stage.

unrealBook was developed for the working musician that wants to read music that they already have on stage. Since I play Jazz and Pop/R&B, that’s where my bias lies. I will design it for use on stage for people like me. If you look at the program for what it was designed to do, then you see why it works the way it does. I need to search for my music quickly. I need to jump to different parts of the set list. Sequential stepping of set lists and a dedicated set list popup make it easy to go to the chart you want.

The way the bookmarks are implemented, large fake books and the like are easier to manage.

I play a lot of gigs with different bands and I need a program that can handle many situations. I use my program for myself so I want it to work in a professional capacity. Along with the input from users, this program can only get better. This app has been used on stage on many gigs; it works!

In addition to on stage use, thanks to the many contributors that have provided guidance, unrealBook is also very useful to the music educator. This is why I use my program and not another.


p.s. Some of you have been using unrealBook since version 1.0. I appreciate the comments and the fact that you are still using unrealBook. I hope you feel your investment was worth it. There’s more to come...

Note: unrealBook does not include sheet music. It has been designed to display your existing charts that are in PDF format. You must add the content in the form of music in PDF format.

-unrealBook allows you to access your entire library of music or lyrics on your iPad with ease.
-Replace your bulky and heavy binders with a small and light iPad filled with your music PDF files. The alphabetized and indexed list makes it easy to find the song you are looking for.
-No more asking for a light for your music stand on dark stages.No more worrying about a breeze turning a page by accident.
-Search for a song quickly and easily.
-Create bookmarks that allow you to easily load up a large PDF and go directly to a page within.
-Use bookmarks and PDF files together to create set lists for different gigs.
-Hot spots allow you place highlighted areas on the page that allow you to jump from one page to another when pressed (think To Coda and D.S. signs).
-There is a built in music player so you can listen to your music while you check out the score!
-Connect to the world via email and dropbox support.
-Annotate your scores with auto-highlighted text and colored pens with different sizes.
-Create set lists easily. Jump to any song in a set list directly or step through the set list sequentially.
-Assign an iPad as a master and have multiple iPads slaved via bluetooth or WiFi!
-Record your rehearsals or your band on stage, all while reading music in unrealBook!
-Take pictures of a chart on a gig and create a PDF that you can use on stage.

I created unrealBook because I was tired of lugging around a different binder for every band I play with. Some of the bands required 3" binders and I wanted a solution that would allow me to carry all my music in a portable device. So far I have over 1600 charts in my iPad and it has been GREAT!!!!!

unrealBook displays any non-password protected PDF document. Read your manuals, magazines or music books on the gig!
Makes you feel powerful as you realize that you have a ton of music on hand - ready to recall at any given moment!