I am always running unrealBook on the latest beta of iOS on my iPad. If there is a show stopping problem I will post on this website.

10-19-22 unrealBook runs on iOS16. Please update to the latest version.

9-12-22 The latest version runs on IOS16.

Version 4.38 runs on iOS16 beta 4 AFAIK. I am using it daily.

The notes below are with the unrealBook BETA

Beta 4 tested Airturn BT-105/Digit – everything works the same. Tested AirDirect mode – everything works. For most iPads except M1 iPads, the only difference in iOS16 is a bold font on the Lock Screen (and possibly more bugs)- really!!!! 8-4-22

Beta4 – unrealBook running fine again. If you are running beta 3, install beta 4! 7-29-22

Beta3 crashes unrealBook. This is an iOS bug. I have reported it. It may magically fix itself later.

Do not install iOS16 beta yet. I have been running fine since the first beta but I received a report that a newly installed version crashes. I am investigating this. 7-13-22

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