Cannot draw on some PDF on older iPads

Please check the following.

Settings->Globals->Functions->Apple Pencil Drawing. Turn it on temporarily and press the i (info button).

Turn on Apple Pencil Drawing temporarily, then press the i button.

If any of these options are on, turn them off:

Turn off Pencil pressure and Finger erases, if you have an old iPad without Apple Pencil support.

Annotating your PDF

Annotating your PDF


Press the drawing icon.


Select a drawing color from the drop down. Use the slider to set the size of the pen.


Draw with your finger. You can also use 2 fingers to pan and zoom around the document. In general zooming in and drawing slowly will produce the smoothest results.


Assign colors to the radio buttons. You can program 3 colors for instant use at any time. Select a drawing color, then press and hold on a radio button for more than 3 seconds. Lift up and the radio button will become the color of the current drawing selection. Repeat for the other 2 buttons. Press the button to recall the drawing color.


You can use the forward and back buttons to turn between pages when you are in draw mode.