Email limits

There are limits on the size of attachments that you can send via email. Each mail service can have different limits and they are usually not that big. This means that large set lists and large files cannot be sent via email. In addition, the iPad doesn’t have a lot of working memory so it may run out of memory when creating the zip files necessary. If you need to share large set lists, it’s best to use Airdrop to send to other users. You can also airdrop to a Macintosh and then share using various methods.

How to rescan your set lists

You may need to rescan your set lists if you have added new set lists by using Airdrop. Use the configure button and rescan to have unrealBook rescan all of the set lists.

Press the set list button on the bottom of the screen, then press the Configure button on the top right.

In the configure window, press the Rescan button to reload/rescan all of your set lists.

Scrolling Set List View

The scrolling set list view is a window that will show the current set list as a 2 page view. You can set this to automatically open when the iPad is set to landscape with the appropriate settings. To open the Scrolling Set List view, choose it from the Do menu. Scrolling Set List view is available with version 3.8

Once the Scrolling Set list View is open, you can turn pages, access the set list songs or Songs menu. You can also drag the page on the right to the left for multiple page songs.

In Portrait mode, the Scrolling Set list View appears as a vertical scrolling list which can be controlled view a foot switch. There is an auto scroll slider and this is only available in portrait mode. In landscape, only a play button will appear.

Press the X button on the top right to exit the Scrolling Set list View.

The Scrolling Set list View is a focused view and does not have any Hot Spots or Transmogrify buttons as of this version. 

You can have the Scrolling Set List view appear automatically in the settings->globals->view menu. Turn on Use Scrolling Set List for 2 page view and turn on Open Scrolling Set List in Landscape.

If a song is linked to the document, a small toolbar will appear in the top center for starting and stopping the music. You can tap the center of the Scrolling Set list View to toggle this toolbar.

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

You can save your set list as a single PDF with the annotations intact. Note that this function is dependent on the amount of RAM that your iPad has. This function may fail with super large set lists.

Load a set list.


Load a set list using the set list popup in the center of the set list toolbar.

Use the + button in the set list toolbar to save the current set list to a single PDF file.


Choose Set List to PDF.

Name the PDF file that will be created from the set list


Note that any bookmarks or indexes that do not have a number of pages defined will be saved as a single page.

The Toolbar

The top toolbar is what you will be using most of the time.

Tap the center of the screen to hide and show the toolbar.

Top Toolbar

The buttons are Songs menu, Go menu, Do menu, dB (keywords menu), CD/Music menu, Draw menu, Action menu button and Settings.

The bottom toolbar accesses the set list operations.

Bottom Set List Toolbar

The buttons are: + button on the left, previous song, set list popup/chooser, next song and set list songs popup.