Info & Help

Info & Help

Press settings then Info & Help

Access info about unrealBook. Version information and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – The main support site for unrealBook. At this site you will find commonly asked questions as well as answers.

unrealBook Manual

Access the manual.

Email Preferences

Allows you to email a backup of the unrealBook preferences file.

Backup All Support Files

Will allow you to backup a zip of the support files that unrealBook creates (minus the PDF files). These are all the support files unrealBook creates minus the PDF files. You can upload to dropbox, email or use Open in… (airdrop).

Back to Dropbox

Provided you have the time and enough space on Dropbox, this will upload all your files to Dropbox. unrealBook will attempt to upload each file one by one to Dropbox. Since this can take a long time, I recommend using a computer and doing a manual backup.

unrealBook Website

Takes you to the main website of unrealBook

The Info & Help Window. Press the settings button (gears icon) then choose Info & Help.




Network settings allow you to control how 2 or more iPads will connect via Wifi or Bluetooth. It also controls how a Bluetooth foot switch functions with unrealBook.

WIFI ONLY SETUP – Turn Auto Connect OFF on server and slaves and connect to the same wifi network. Turn Server Mode ON on the server. Turn Save Mode ON on each slave iPad. For each slave, type in the http:// address displayed on the server. 

To connect 1 or more iPads to a master iPad:
MASTER – set Auto Connect to ON. Set Server Mode to ON.
All other iPads – set Auto Connect to ON, set Server Mode OFF and Slave Mode ON.
Make sure that all the iPads have the same Network Key.
When using Auto Connect, unrealBook will attempt to reconnect to other iPads when it is launched every time.

Alternately, you can use the Connect buttons to connect 2 iPads together.
Master – set Server Mode ON.
Slave – set Server Mode OFF, Slave Mode ON.
When the Connect button is used, turning off the iPad or quitting unrealBook will break the connection.

Once connected, the following options do the following:

Only Send Files – the master will only send a file to the connected iPad (only works with 2 iPads connected to each other. One a master, the other a slave).
Send Next Page – When the master turns a page, the slave shows the next page. Use this to display 2 pages at a time. (The master shows one page, the slave shows the next).
Ignore Page Turns – Ignore any page turns from the Master. Files loaded in the Master still get loaded in the slave.

Bluetooth Footswitch Settings:

Airturn Setup – This will access the Airturn pedal setup for an Airturn or Pageflip Cicada. The Bluetooth footswitches should be set to send arrow up and down.
NextSong Switches – This will map the up arrow key to start and stop of the unrealBook music player. The down arrow key will advance through pages. When NextSong Switches is set off, the up arrow will turn back one page and the down arrow will advance through pages.
BT Latency (secs) – set this to 2 or 3 if you get false presses when loading very slow PDF files. The real fix is to speed up the PDF files by reducing the resolution to 150DPI.
Bluetooth LE MIDI – This will allow you to connect a Bluetooth LE MIDI interface like the Mi.1. 



Use the File->MIDI window to send optional MIDI data through a MIDI interface connected to your iPad when a PDF is loaded.


File-MIDI allows you to type in MIDI messages that can get sent when a file is loaded and when a page is changed. Simply type in the raw MIDI data (as hex values) or set the Channel and use the Program and Controller buttons to enter default MIDI values. Use the Test button to send the MIDI data to your MIDI keyboard. The Clear button will remove any MIDI messages from the list area. Note that MIDI data entered must be in HEX (such as C0 01). Any line that starts/contains a semicolon (;) is treated as a comment. The Channel button is only used for entry. Messages are not channelized when sending. Bytes are sent as is. If you prefer to use decimal instead of hex, you can type in a decimal value and press the Program or Controller button. There is also a decimal to hex converter built in. Simply type a decimal value and the hex equivalent will be shown.

Any line with ; is a comment line.

Any line with the word pause will delay transmission by 250 ms.

Expert MIDI options (only available if expert MIDI is on in globals)
Only send page 1 MIDI messages when file is loaded. Any MIDI message that is currently assigned to page 1, will only be sent when the file is loaded. Turning back to page 1 wil not send MIDI. Use this when you want to send a MIDI configuration message once when the file is loaded.
Text File > This allows you to create text files on your computer that are MIDI commands (in Hex) for reuse. For example, you could create a text file that sends a bunch of MIDI strings and reuse them over and over in several documents. If a change to the MIDI strings needs to be made, you do it once in the text document and the changes are reflected for all documents that use that MIDI text file. The MIDI text file must contain the same types of HEX commands that unrealBook uses for MIDI.




These settings are specific to the current PDF loaded. Set Link will link the current playing song. This is the same as the link icon in the Music Controller. Unlink music will break the link between the current PDF and any song from the iTunes library. Remove all support files will delete all supporting files that unrealBook created. The supporting files store the drawing, transmogrify data for each PDF. Compress will try to compress a slow file and make it turn faster. Once you have chosen this command, load another PDF, then load the compressed PDF again to notice the difference. Look Ahead Speed will adjust the look ahead speed for the entire document in seconds. If speed is zero, look ahead will be disabled on the current file. Remember last page is only used when you are not in set list mode. It will return to the last viewed page of a document when it is reloaded. Email a zip of this file will allow you to email a zip file containing the PDF and support files for the current document. Useful if you want to email the current chart to another unrealBook user.