iOS/iPadOS 15 so far


unrealBook works with iOS15 for the most basic functions.

MIDI has been tested and works as it always did.

Bluetooth master/slave seems to have issues – while I have made changes, this feature could be on the way out. I recommend Airdrop and Wifi for master/slave. A portable Wifi router is good enough.

More Functions

Accept multiple files without renaming: If you are airdropping a bunch of files, you can send multiple files to unrealBook. It will accept all the files overwriting any duplicates. Use this with caution.

Insert songs at top of setlist: When inserting songs into a set list, add them at the beginning instead of the end.

Apostrophe and sorting

The “smart” keyboard for the iPad Pro seems to type in a different apostrophe character than the iPad itself. This can result in weird sorting problems. To fix this, use the on screen keyboard or set the Smart Keyboard “U.S. International – PC”. Set this in the settings app of the iPad under Hardware Keyboard.

Nothing lasts forever – bluetooth pedals

Having worked on unrealBook for over 10 years now, I have been fortunate to use different bluetooth pedals with unrealBook. Unfortunate as it may be, with barely any use my CODA Stomp now refuses to connect to any device, my iRig Blueturn refuses to connect in a similar fashion with the error “pairing took too long” and now my iRig Blueboard is dropping connections sometimes within seconds and other times after a few minutes.

I am at a loss to explain how a bluetooth pedal can decide to no longer connect. They broadcast to the iPad because I can see them, but when I try to connect they donʻt connect. In fact, the CODA Stomp will lock up with the LED turning off and the power button stuck on.

I have to point out that my Airturn pedals all continue to work and pair.

Remapping an entire index (.csv) to a single PDF

Here is a common problem. The index points to a PDF but the PDF name is not the same. One way to fix this is to look inside the index (.csv file) and rename the PDF file to match what is in the index.

Another way is to use the Link to new PDF command. Be aware that this will remap ALL entries in the index to the chosen PDF. So you cannot use this for indexes that point to multiple PDF files. This will basically remap all entires in the index to point to a single PDF.

Here’s how to do this:

1: Open an index and press Edit Index

2: Press the downward v (in this picture to the right of Colorado)

3: Choose Link to new PDF and choose a PDF file to remap all entries in the index to.

Once you choose a new PDF, all of the index entries will point to the new PDF.

Utilities Window

Email Preferences

Allows you to email a backup of the unrealBook preferences file.

Backup All Support Files

Will allow you to backup a zip of the support files that unrealBook creates (minus the PDF files). These are all the support files unrealBook creates minus the PDF files. You can upload to dropbox, email or use Open in… (airdrop).

Back to Dropbox

Provided you have the time and enough space on Dropbox, this will upload all your files to Dropbox. unrealBook will attempt to upload each file one by one to Dropbox. Since this can take a long time, I recommend using a computer and doing a manual backup.

Airdrop Documents to Computer – (iPad Pro only or capable iPad), allows you to Airdrop the entire contents of unrealBook to your computer. This will be a full backup of files.

Reset Preferences To Defaults – This will reset the preferences of unrealBook including the password for restricting file sharing (if you have defined one in the settings->global->functions.

Convert All Old Files To New – Only needed if you have really old files from unrealBook and have updated from a really old iPad to iPad Pro.