iOS15 and unrealBook 4.31/4.32


Photo to PDF seems to hang after taking picture. Investigating.

Small keyboard appears on bottom right sometimes. – uncheck shortcuts:

I have been using iOS15 since the first beta and unrealBook runs on it. In general, I try to use unrealBook on every beta iOS version. A new “feature” is that the documents folder is exposed to the iPad Files app. Unfortunately there’s some kind of restriction with the Open In….. feature that will not allow it to share to unrealBook from iCloud Documents folders. But you can save into the unrealBook documents folder instead of using the share feature and this works fine. (This will be fixed in the next version). In the Files app, press and hold on your file that you want to copy or move. Then choose copy or move and then move it into the unrealBook documents folder that is now exposed in the Files App. No need to use Open in… or share with the Files App.