More Functions

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Accept multiple files without renaming: If you are airdropping a bunch of files, you can send multiple files to unrealBook. It will accept all the files overwriting any duplicates. Use this with caution. When this is enabled, the rename window will not appear. If this is off, only one file will be accepted at time and the rename dialog will appear.

Insert songs at top of setlist: When inserting songs into a set list, add them at the beginning instead of the end.

Show waveform with linked audio when this is on, a small waveform will appear to the right of the song listing in the all files popup.

Auto hide toolbars when this is on, the toolbars will hide after 5 seconds of non use.

Don’t offset toolbar lower at top when this is on, the top toolbar will be position at the highest point of the screen that it can be.

Use old drawing routines – (Non Apple Pencil drawing) this is the default and is on. If you have a faster iPad, you can turn this off and the drawing will appear smoother when drawing with fingers. Again, this is for when you are not using an Apple Pencil.

Do not use audio in background when this is on, all audio will stop when unrealBook is put in the background and should give you better standby battery life.

Ignore old file format when on, unrealBook will ignore all old file formats from iOS 4,5.

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