Individual File Zoomwill make unrealBook remember the current zoom for every file. This is useful if you have a lot of files that have different image sizes.
Animate Page Turnswill provide animation when a page is turned.
Turn off zooming will turn off zooming and scrolling of the music. (This has been largely superseded by 2 Fingers For Pan). I recommend using 2 Fingers For Pan instead.
Nothing on page when Toolbar hidden– when the toolbar is hidden, hide the set list popup and other controls leaving a clean page.
Half Page Scroll in Landscape– when in landscape will try and turn the pages halfway for every tap.
Hide toolbars after selection – after a file has been selected, the toolbars will be hidden.
Look ahead in portrait mode – will show the top half of the next page for 2 seconds before turning the current page. This only works when the iPad is in portrait orientation.
Hide Menu Bar – will hide the iPad menu bar and give you back a little more room for your music. (Note: you must quit and restart unrealBook when changing this setting).
Bigger list text– possibly useful when using the iPad mini.
Less Network Alerts – when connecting via Bluetooth will show less alerts .
Use Amber Tint – use this for night mode – it will give the music an amber tint.
Set Default Landscape Zoom For Files – supersedes Default landscape zoom value. If you have a bunch of landscape files that are the same. Set the zoom once and then choose Set Default Landscape Zoom for Files. Now all files that are loaded without custom landscape zoom settings, will use the default landscape settings that you have saved with this command.
Default landscape zoom value – this sets the default zoom when in landscape when you double-tap in the center of the screen.