Dropbox and Box

Dropbox and Box

The following applies to both the Dropbox and Box menu items. Note that the Remote Files item has been renamed to Dropbox – Remote Files.

You must have a box.com account before signing into Box. (Note, while signing into Box, you may have to turn off Airturn Support temporarily. Sign in, then turn Airturn Support back on.)

Access Dropbox


Use the Remote Files window to access your Dropbox.com or Box folder.
Pressing Home will take you back to your Home folder in dropbox.
ABC will sort the list from date to alphabetical.
Pressing the Files, will show Files or Folders first.

Build lists from a Dropbox folder


Pressing Build Lists, will create lists in the main Song menu from the hierarchy that you create in the current DropBox folder. NOTE: only the lists are built, PDF file are NOT downloaded.

Build a Set List from a Dropbox Folder


Pressing Build Set List, will generate a set list from the titles in a folder. NOTE: New files ARE downloaded. This can be a quick way of placing files to be used for a gig in a single folder and have unrealBook generate a set list from the files. After you build the set list, please choose Configure in the set list popup and choose Rescan to have the new set list appear in the set list popup.

Get new files from the current folder


Pressing Get New will load any changed files or files that do not exist into your iPad from the current Dropbox folder.

Get a single file from the current folder


Select a file in the list, then press the download button to load the file into unrealBook. 

Export Pages

Export Pages


Export Pages will export a range of pages via email or as a file on your iPad.

Export Pages allows you to create a new PDF based on a subset of pages from the currently shown PDF. Navigate to the page you want to start from, set the number of pages you want to export, name and press Export as… Export as email will email the exported PDF pages. Export as pdf will create a new file in your iPad that you can use like any other file. Pressing the “to last page” button will automatically insert the last page number in the number of pages field. Export pages may also produce files that turn faster than larger PDF files if the resolution of the PDF is greater than 150DPI.

Export and add to Set List will create a new document and insert it into the current set list. This feature is shown when a set list is active.

Share PDF

Share PDF

Share PDF allows you to email or copy a PDF with our without annotations (drawings) to another application or to anothe iPad via AirDrop.


To email or send a PDF to another application that can handle PDF files, set the With Annotations option on or off then press Share… A list of compatible applications will appear. Press an application icon to send the PDF to that application. If you are using iOS7, you can also AirDrop the file to another iPad or iPhone if both devices are AirDrop capable. Select the Mail application to email the file. If you are connected to Dropbox, you can also upload the current file to a Dropbox folder.