How to set a preset volume for an mp3 file in the unrealBook documents folder.

This assumes that you have already copied an mp3 file into your unrealBook documents folder via AirDrop, Email, iTunes or Dropbox/Box.

If you don’t know how to import a file, see importing files.

First, go to settings->Global->Playback and turn on System volume slider control.

Turn on System volume slider control
You will need to quit unrealBook manually.

An alert will appear telling you to quit unrealBook manually. This is needed to enable the feature.

Go to the CD/Music menu and choose Music Controller.

Open the music controller and press Link Audio File

Press Link Audio File (in Blue).

Choose the song you want to link.

Choose the mp3 (or mp4) song you want to link to the page. You can use the search field to find the file. Press the title to select the song.

Next, go into the CD/Music menu again and choose Player Volume.

Set the slider to the volume you want for this song and then press Set Volume For Page.

Now when you choose this file and turn to the page and press play, the file will play at the predefined volume. Once a volume level has been saved, the window will display the volume level saved with the page. 

Linking an audio file to a PDF file

Linking an audio file to a PDF file

You can link an audio file (MP3, MP4 etc) that is in the unrealBook documents folder. You can then play it with the Music controller or the Player.

Choose Link Audio File from the Music Controller


Choose Link Audio File

Choose an audio file


A list of files will appear. Choose one of them to link the audio to the PDF file.

Linking a song to a PDF file

Linking a song to a PDF file


Choose Play iTunes Song access your iTunes Music Library.


Choose between your Playlists, Artists, Albums or Songs. Select a song to play by pressing it. The song should start playing.


Press the Back button on the top left to go back to the Music Controller.


Press the link icon in the Music Controller to link the currently playing song to the PDF.
Note that you can link a different song to each page of a PDF.
Every song that you link should have a name and artist defined in iTunes.

Music Controller

Music Controller


Press the Music Button to access the Music Player controller to control playback and link a song in your iTunes library to a PDF file.

Controlling Playback


The Music Controller will control the playback of any songs linked to the current PDF. The -4 and +4 buttons will allow you to skip forward and backwards by 4 seconds. The slider will allow you to jump to any point of the song. The Start offset will allow you to start from a predetermined point from the beginning in seconds.