Backup! Various methods

Please do backups regularly. Here are various ways to backup from easiest to hardest.

If you have a newer iPad, it is also possible to Airdrop all of your files to a computer. Go to Settings->Utilities and choose Airdrop Documents to Computer. This will use Airdrop to send the entire Documents folder to a computer. This will be a complete backup of unrealBook files.

Use Airdrop Documents to Computer to make a complete backup of your files if you have an iPad Pro

You can use Catalina/Monterey/Ventura and later MacOS to create a backup. SEE THIS PAGE.

Another way is to use iFunBox.

Here is how to backup and copy to another iPad with iFunBox

Here is how to backup and copy to another iPad with iMazing which is an amazing paid program.

(old and outdated) Before Catalina, the fastest and most reliable way is to use iTunes.
This method will backup only the unrealBook music files and works well.

The following methods require you to restore the entire iPad if you need to recover the backup:
Make a complete backup of your iPad via iTunes.

iCloud backup is another method but it requires you to recover the entire iPad.
How to use iCloud backup:

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

You can save your set list as a single PDF with the annotations intact. Note that this function is dependent on the amount of RAM that your iPad has. This function may fail with super large set lists.

Load a set list.


Load a set list using the set list popup in the center of the set list toolbar.

Use the + button in the set list toolbar to save the current set list to a single PDF file.


Choose Set List to PDF.

Name the PDF file that will be created from the set list


Note that any bookmarks or indexes that do not have a number of pages defined will be saved as a single page.