Backup! Various methods

Please do backups regularly.

An easy way is to use iFunbox.

Before Catalina, the fastest and most reliable way is to use iTunes.
This method will backup only the unrealBook music files and works well.

The following methods require you to restore the entire iPad if you need to recover the backup:
Make a complete backup of your iPad via iTunes.

However, if you are running Catalina, this is no longer easy or possible to do.
Therefore, use iCloud backup:

Transfer all files to another iPad with unrealBook

It is possible to transfer all files from one iPad to another. You need to have a stable WiFi connection and the iPads need to be setup in the following manner. Both iPads need to be running version 3.8 or newer.

This is a highly experimental feature. It depends on your iPads and Wifi.

1: The source iPad must be set to master mode and share files needs to be turned on. (Settings->Network)

2: The receiving/slave iPad needs to be set to slave mode and set to ask for files if not found. The server address must match the http:// address of the master.

3: Set the receiving/slave to ask for files if not found. Turn this ON. (Settings->Global->Functions)

4: You need to send a transfer file which contains a list of all the files in the master iPad. On the source iPad/master, choose Transfer Files. (Settings->Info & Help)

Then send the transfer file to the receiver/slave.

5: From the receiving/slave iPad, you then start the transfer. Go to settings->Info & Help->Transfer Files and choose Get All Files From iPad Via WiFi.

It will take a while for all of the files to be sent over WiFi if you have a lot of files. 

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

Save the entire set list as a single PDF

You can save your set list as a single PDF with the annotations intact. Note that this function is dependent on the amount of RAM that your iPad has. This function may fail with super large set lists.

Load a set list.


Load a set list using the set list popup in the center of the set list toolbar.

Use the + button in the set list toolbar to save the current set list to a single PDF file.


Choose Set List to PDF.

Name the PDF file that will be created from the set list


Note that any bookmarks or indexes that do not have a number of pages defined will be saved as a single page.