Identity is used if you want the master to load concert parts and the slaves to load alternate files (Bb, Eb, parts etc…).

Enter a string in the identity field such as -Eb- or -Bb- or -Trumpet- etc… to give your iPad an identity. Once this string is set, it will be added to the end of the filename (before the extension) when a remote load is issued from a master iPad. For example if the master iPad tells the iPad to load myfile.pdf and the identity string is set to -Bb- on the slave, the file name to load on the slave will be changed to myfile-Bb-.pdf on the slave and will be loaded. In the event that a matching file cannot be found, then an error will be displayed. If you want the slave to default to try to match the name without the identity string, then turn on if ID file not found, try to load received filename. This way if a -Bb- file is not found, then the original file will be loaded instead.