Set List Options

Settings>Global>Set List Options

Stay In Files Not In Set List – When on, this will treat any files opened from the Songs Menu as a single file even when you are in a set list. This will lock you on to the current song so that even if you turn past the last page, you will still stay in the current document. To go back to the set list, use the previous or next buttons on the set list toolbar or choose a song from the set list popup. This will prevent you from making a mistake and turning out of a song you have loaded on the spur of the moment.

Add songs to Set List Temporarily– experimental – any files chosen will add to the current set list temporarily so you can go back to them easily in the middle of performance. This is similar to Stay In Files Not In Set List but not as “clean” as any songs you open will be inserted in the set list temporarily and will appear in the set list song popup.

Disable Set List Options – Turn this on to disable the swipe left options in the set list song popup (such as colors etc..)

Undefined Setlist Bookmarks As one Page –If a bookmark number of pages is not defined, treat it as a one page bookmark in set lists.

Don’t Load First Song in Set List – Primarily used for the master iPad. You can browse set lists and load them, but no commands are sent to the slaves until you choose a song from the set list.

Long press highlight name in set list popup – If this is on, then a long press on a name in the set list popup will make the title red. Useful for marking certain titles.

Numbers in set list editor – will prepend numbers in front of the entries in the set list editor.