2 Fingers For Pan– very useful. If turned on, unrealBook will not pan/scroll a document unless you use two fingers. This eliminates any problems where you try and turn a page, but the page moves (pans or scrolls) instead.
Ignore Accidental Page Turns– another useful feature. Sometimes for unknown reasons you might tap twice and accidentally turn through 2 pages on stage. This will ignore double-taps on page turns if they occur within a second. This feature is on by default.
Stop iPad from sleeping– when on, will stop the iPad from going to sleep. Turn it off to save battery if you don’t mind the iPad falling asleep.
Add songs to Set List Temporarily– experimental – any files chosen will add to the current set list temporarily so you can go back to them easily in the middle of performance.
Use Apple Music Picker – Use the standard Apple music picker when choosing songs.
Use Auto Start for Metronome – global toggle for all auto start functions.
Export Mode – Disables alerts when creating Hot Spots, Text and when moving objects.
Old Index– when indexes point directly to page numbers in a document (as they should do), the set page 1 function will not affect the offset of the index numbers.
Reverse Recent – when set ON will add newly loaded files to the bottom of the Recently Loaded list in the Songs menu. If set OFF, newly loaded files will be added to the top of the list.
Count up timer– when music is playing, the time display will show elapsed time instead of time remaining.
Toolbar stop instead of pause– stops playback instead of pausing it for the main toolbar.
Old Export – When this is on, exporting will be slower and lower resolution but compatible with all files.
Apple Pencil Drawing – Turn this on to support the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. Press the i button for options.
Disable Set List Options – Turn this on to disable the swipe left options in the set list song popup (such as colors etc..)
Undefined Setlist Bookmarks As one Page –If a bookmark number of pages is not defined, treat it as a one page bookmark in set lists.
Enable Playbar – If you have an audio file (not in the iTunes library) linked to a PDF, you can have a Playbar appear on the bottom third of the screen. You can use the Playbar for controlling playback. Press the Info button to set the Playbar to start from the beginning all the time as an option.
Ask For Files From Master If Not Found – If the slave does not have a file and the master is allowing sharing of files – the file will be automatically loaded into the slave. This only works with WiFi.

Pedal scrolls in landscape – each press of a bluetooth pedal will scroll a little in landscape mode.

Jump pages with double and triple tap – if enabled, a double tap or triple tap will jump pages by more than one.

Disable sharing with password – if enabled, you can set a password to disabled all sharing of files from the iPad. Warning, this password is stored internally and there is no way to recover the password if you forget it. You can reset the password in the settings->utilities window.