Choosing a Song/PDF File

It’s easy to choose a song/PDF file.

Press the Songs menu


Select All Files from the Songs menu.

Select a song to load


Simply press a song to load. If you press and hold on a song in the All Files menu, a small preview will appear. From this preview you can rename and delete the file.

Search for a specified song


Type into the search field to locate a specified song. You do not have to type the entire name. unrealBook can search for a subset of letters. If you make a mistake, swipe left on the search field to clear it. Swipe right to bring back the last search term. Swipe left on the file name to delete it.

Deleting a song

Swipe left on the file name in the All Files menu to delete a file.

Preview a song


Press and hold on the song name in the All Files menu to get a preview of the file. You can Duplicate, Rename and Delete the file from this preview window.

Rebuilding the All Files list

To rebuild the All Files list, pull down on it. You may have to do this after adding a PDF to unrealBook’s folder. You can also rebuild the Quick Find and any index list by pulling down on it.

Quick Find

Quick Find will display a list of files and indexes (if you have created them). This can be useful if you want to see every single song listing – but if you have lots of indexes, it can be overwhelming. In that case, using All Files and then pressing the All Indexes button may be a quicker way to switch between files and index listings. Pull down on the Quick Find to rebuild the list.


This will list files in order of newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. Useful if you have just added a few PDF files and want to remember which ones you have added recently.

Recently Loaded


This will list songs in the order they were loaded in unrealBook. This is useful if you want to see what songs you played previously. To reset the list, simply swipe left across the Recently Loaded text and press the red delete button to reset the list and start over. If you press the Save button, you can also choose to save the Recently Loaded list as a set list or as a regular alphabetized list that appears in the Songs menu.