How to set a preset volume for an mp3 file in the unrealBook documents folder.

This assumes that you have already copied an mp3 file into your unrealBook documents folder via AirDrop, Email, iTunes or Dropbox/Box.

If you don’t know how to import a file, see importing files.

First, go to settings->Global->Playback and turn on System volume slider control.

Turn on System volume slider control
You will need to quit unrealBook manually.

An alert will appear telling you to quit unrealBook manually. This is needed to enable the feature.

Go to the CD/Music menu and choose Music Controller.

Open the music controller and press Link Audio File

Press Link Audio File (in Blue).

Choose the song you want to link.

Choose the mp3 (or mp4) song you want to link to the page. You can use the search field to find the file. Press the title to select the song.

Next, go into the CD/Music menu again and choose Player Volume.

Set the slider to the volume you want for this song and then press Set Volume For Page.

Now when you choose this file and turn to the page and press play, the file will play at the predefined volume. Once a volume level has been saved, the window will display the volume level saved with the page. 

Portrait Mode vs Landscape Mode on iPad

Ever since the iPhone starting taking “Portrait mode” pictures, there has been confusion regarding the iPad usage modes. The iPad has two ways of holding and using it. Portrait mode and landscape. Also referred as vertical and horizontal mode. Portrait mode = vertical and landscape = horizontal. Here is a picture of the two modes:

From Apple support

Getting files into unrealBook with MacOS Catalina

Things have changed drastically with Catalina – this may change after the beta is done – hopefully for the better. To get your files into unrealBook or unrealBook Mobile, connected the iPhone or iPad to a Mac. Open a Finder window. (The files are now accessed directly in the Finder). Click on the iPhone/iPad icon on the left and click on Pair if it asks. You will need to unlock and “trust” the computer.

Click on device on left and then click on Files

Then once the apps are listed under Files, you can click the disclosure button to show the files. Be patient as it can take a while. Drag files into the files area to add them to the iPhone/iPad. Unfortunately you cannot shift select files to delete them.

Creating an index with Excel

Excel Version 16.17 for Macintosh can create indexes that work with unrealBook.

In Excel, create a new empty spreadsheet.

For column B copy your filename from the Finder or Explorer and paste into column B.

For column A, put the displayed title of song (no commas).

For column C, put the page number.

For column D, put the number of pages of the song.

Choose Save As… and choose CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) for the File Format. Give it a suitable name.

Send the .csv to unrealBook using Air Drop, Email, Open in…. or dropbox and go to Songs->Indexes and load the index.