How to reset unrealBook Preferences

Here’s how to reset the preferences for unrealBook.

Locate the settings app on the iPad

Find the settings app on the iPad

Open the settings app and scroll down until you see unrealBook, then press Reset Preferences.

Locate unrealBook and then press Reset Preferences

Now you need to force quit unrealBook. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPad to enter the multitasking “card” page.

Swipe up from the bottom to enter multitasking card page.

Once in the multitasking card page, locate the unrealBook card and swipe up until the card disappears. This will quit unrealBook.

Swipe up on the unrealBook card until it disappears.

Run unrealBook again. It will show that the preferences have been reset.

Go into the Do menu and turn on Set List mode.

Select Set List Mode: to turn it on if needed.

Manual backups with iFunbox

There is another easy way to get a manual backup besides the great app imazing. iFunbox is another easy and free app that will do a complete backup of your iPad. Fortunately it’s easy to use and fast.

Connect your iPad and run iFunbox, then choose unrealBook under App File Sharing to access your files.

Simply, connect your iPad to your Mac or PC, then run iFunbox and use the disclosure triangles on the left to access App File Sharing and unrealBook. The right side will show all of your files. Command-a will select all files and command-click will select or deselect single files. Use the Copy To Mac button to copy all the selected files to the Mac. That’s it! Now you have a manual backup of all of your files. (Note: do not copy the inbox when copying the files back to the iPad or another iPad – just skip that folder).

How to set a preset volume for an mp3 file in the unrealBook documents folder.

This assumes that you have already copied an mp3 file into your unrealBook documents folder via AirDrop, Email, iTunes or Dropbox/Box.

If you don’t know how to import a file, see importing files.

First, go to settings->Global->Playback and turn on System volume slider control.

Turn on System volume slider control
You will need to quit unrealBook manually.

An alert will appear telling you to quit unrealBook manually. This is needed to enable the feature.

Go to the CD/Music menu and choose Music Controller.

Open the music controller and press Link Audio File

Press Link Audio File (in Blue).

Choose the song you want to link.

Choose the mp3 (or mp4) song you want to link to the page. You can use the search field to find the file. Press the title to select the song.

Next, go into the CD/Music menu again and choose Player Volume.

Set the slider to the volume you want for this song and then press Set Volume For Page.

Now when you choose this file and turn to the page and press play, the file will play at the predefined volume. Once a volume level has been saved, the window will display the volume level saved with the page.