Version 3.8, 3.9

Update: 10-6-18: Unfortunately version 3.8 has a bug with older iOS4 documents. A fix is underway and should be available shortly. The music and annotations appear displaced.

So many additions to version 3.8 and above.

Here are the major changes:

In various windows, you will see an Info button. You can press this to go to the online manual’s corresponding page. Note: you must be connected to the internet.

Info buttons

In the Settings->Globals->Functions. There are new options for new features.

Scroll to the bottom of the window to view these options.

Big view for set lists will show a set list view (in alphabetical order) that fills the entire screen. This is for people that use lots of set lists over and over.

Pedal scrolls in landscape. If you have an Airturn or iRig Blueboard type pedal, the pedal can be configured to scroll the page downward in landscape view. 

Use Scrolling Set List for 2 Page Display will show a newer, leaner 2 page display when chosen in the Do menu. This 2 page display shows annotations unlike the old version. If you enable open Scrolling Set List in Landscape, when you rotate the iPad to landscape, this 2 page view will open automatically. While you are in the 2 page view, you can tap the top left of the screen to access the All Files songs window.

WARNING: there is a new Enable Sync with Dropbox command. What it does is ERASE everything in unrealBook and replace it with the contents of the single Dropbox folder. This can be a quick way to sync multiple iPads to a Dropbox folder. Be sure you are aware that it will erase the contents of unrealBook and replace all files with the contents of the Dropbox folder.

In Settings->Network, you can assign functions to the Airturn pedals.

Various screens have a preview so you can verify the page you will be linking to for Hot Spots.

Translations for unrealBook. German, Italian and French are available. In addition this manual can be translated using Google Translation.

In Settings->Global->Search, you can set the search keyboard to be a number type. Some bands dial up songs by number instead of name.

Info & Help links to this online manual. In addition transfer files has an option to transfer all files via WiFi to another iPad. 

In Do->Manage Files, if you select a ZIP file, it can be unzipped directly into the unrealBook documents folder.

iPad 11″ support. unrealBook supports the iPad 11″ display.

There is a new scanning software when using Photo to PDF in the Do menu.

Scrolling Set List View

The scrolling set list view is a window that will show the current set list as a 2 page view. You can set this to automatically open when the iPad is set to landscape with the appropriate settings. To open the Scrolling Set List view, choose it from the Do menu. Scrolling Set List view is available with version 3.8

Once the Scrolling Set list View is open, you can turn pages, access the set list songs or Songs menu. You can also drag the page on the right to the left for multiple page songs.

In Portrait mode, the Scrolling Set list View appears as a vertical scrolling list which can be controlled view a foot switch. There is an auto scroll slider and this is only available in portrait mode. In landscape, only a play button will appear.

Press the X button on the top right to exit the Scrolling Set list View.

The Scrolling Set list View is a focused view and does not have any Hot Spots or Transmogrify buttons as of this version. 

You can have the Scrolling Set List view appear automatically in the settings->globals->view menu. Turn on Use Scrolling Set List for 2 page view and turn on Open Scrolling Set List in Landscape.

If a song is linked to the document, a small toolbar will appear in the top center for starting and stopping the music. You can tap the center of the Scrolling Set list View to toggle this toolbar.

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