Connecting two or more iPads via Wifi

Connecting two or more iPads via Wifi

You can connect two or more iPads via Wifi so that one iPad can control multiple iPads (File loading and page turns).

Connect your iPads to a router or phone acting as a wifi hot spot

Use the Settings app on each iPad to connect to the same wifi network. The wifi router you connect to does not have to be connected to the internet. The wifi network can also be a phone with the hot spot feature turned on.

In the iPad settings app, make sure unrealBook is enabled under settings app->Privacy->Local Network->unrealBook

Set one iPad as the server.

Turn on Server Mode in the settings->Network window. Note the http:// address string. It will be the name of the iPad – for the name of the iPad omit any apostrophes in the name. If you want to share your files with slaves – you can turn Share Files ON. However, the slave iPads will be able to keep the files you share so use this feature wisely.

For each iPad you want as a slave, turn on slave mode and make sure the IP address string is the same as displayed in the server.


That’s it. Now the slave will follow the server when files are loaded and pages are turned. NOTE: please make sure the slave http:// address matches the master!

If it doesn’t work, see this debugging page:

Debug Server/Wifi

Asking for files that you don’t have on the slaves


You can have the slave ask the master for files that it doesn’t have. Any files not found will be automatically loaded from the master. The files are retained in the slave. You can find this option in settings->globals->functions.

Using the identity string


If you enter an identity string, your iPad can load alternate files from the main server. This is useful if you want to load alternate versions of PDF files. For example Bb parts or keyboard parts, or drum parts etc… All you have to do is type in a string for the identity. In the above picture, the identity string is -Bb-. When the server tells the slave to load a file, for example a file call test.pdf, the identity string will be appended and the filename will be test-Bb-.pdf. If the file is not found, unrealBook can try and load the file name as-is. If you want this, set if ID file not found, try to load received filename to ON.

Identity string as -Drums-


In the above picture, the identity string is -Drums-. This means any file that any file that the slave tries to load has the string “-Drums-” appended to the end. So test.pdf will be test-Drums-.pdf. So if you create a separate file for your drummer, all you have to do is add the string -Drums- to the end of the name.

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