Network settings allow you to control how 2 or more iPads will connect via Wifi or Bluetooth. It also controls how a Bluetooth foot switch functions with unrealBook.

WIFI ONLY SETUP – Turn Auto Connect OFF on server and slaves and connect to the same wifi network. Turn Server Mode ON on the server. Turn Save Mode ON on each slave iPad. For each slave, type in the http:// address displayed on the server. 

To connect 1 or more iPads to a master iPad:
MASTER – set Auto Connect to ON. Set Server Mode to ON.
All other iPads – set Auto Connect to ON, set Server Mode OFF and Slave Mode ON.
Make sure that all the iPads have the same Network Key.
When using Auto Connect, unrealBook will attempt to reconnect to other iPads when it is launched every time.

Alternately, you can use the Connect buttons to connect 2 iPads together.
Master – set Server Mode ON.
Slave – set Server Mode OFF, Slave Mode ON.
When the Connect button is used, turning off the iPad or quitting unrealBook will break the connection.

Once connected, the following options do the following:

Only Send Files – the master will only send a file to the connected iPad (only works with 2 iPads connected to each other. One a master, the other a slave).
Send Next Page – When the master turns a page, the slave shows the next page. Use this to display 2 pages at a time. (The master shows one page, the slave shows the next).
Ignore Page Turns – Ignore any page turns from the Master. Files loaded in the Master still get loaded in the slave.

Bluetooth Footswitch Settings:

Airturn Setup – This will access the Airturn pedal setup for an Airturn or Pageflip Cicada. The Bluetooth footswitches should be set to send arrow up and down.
NextSong Switches – This will map the up arrow key to start and stop of the unrealBook music player. The down arrow key will advance through pages. When NextSong Switches is set off, the up arrow will turn back one page and the down arrow will advance through pages.
BT Latency (secs) – set this to 2 or 3 if you get false presses when loading very slow PDF files. The real fix is to speed up the PDF files by reducing the resolution to 150DPI.
Bluetooth LE MIDI – This will allow you to connect a Bluetooth LE MIDI interface like the Mi.1. 

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