Add Transmogrify Button

Add Transmogrify Button


The Transmogrify Button is a special button that can do different functions.

Press the type of Transmogrify button you want then press the Create button. Then press on the page where you want the button to appear. After creating a transmogrify button you can change the parameters for the button or delete it by pressing and holding on the button for more than 3 seconds. 

The Metronome, Playback and Pitch buttons are the main windows that have parameters.

Metronome Parameters


The Flash button will enable a visual display of the current beat. Turn Sound on and off to hear the metronome. Tempo sets the rate of the metronome. Flash will display a visual display for the specified number of betas.

Player button Parameters


The player button controls the built in music player. Start Offset (secs) is an offset that will start the music x number of seconds from the beginning.
Use File: when pressed will display a popup of audio files (mp3, caf,wav and m4a) that can be played when the button is clicked. To default back to music player control, just clear the name field.

Pitch Parameters


Type in a pitch from C3 to F4 to have the button play a pitch when pressed.

MIDI Button


The MIDI button allows you to send MIDI messages with a compatible MIDI interface. Type in the raw MIDI data (as hex values) or use the Program and Controller buttons to enter default MIDI values. Use the Test button to send the MIDI data to your MIDI keyboard. The Clear button will remove any MIDI messages from the list area. Note that MIDI data entered must be in HEX (such as C0 01). Any line that starts/contains a semicolon (;) is treated as a comment.

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