Many thanks to the users and testers of unrealBook! Thanks for all of your suggestions and help!

Special thanks to:

Nick Kawakami for unrealBook’s logo! Check out his band ManoaDNA

Scotty Huff

Jim Laing

Joanna Jordan

Ricky Wong

3rd Party Credits
unrealBook includes PDF code by Created by Julius Oklamcak ® Copyright 2010.
unrealBook includes music media picker code by Jamin Guy ® Copyright 2011.
unrealBook includes VGA support code by Matt Legend Gemmell ® Copyright 2010.
unrealBook uses SVProgressHUD, SVPullToRefresh by Sam Vermette ® Copyright 2014.
unrealBook uses ZipArchive, Copyright 2008.
unrealBook uses AFNetworking, Copyright 2011.
unrealBook uses Ground Control by Matt Thompson, Copyright 2012.
unrealBook uses BlockUIAlertVIew by Random Ideas, LLC Copyright 2011
unrealBook uses iRate by Nick Lockwood, Copyright 2011.
unrealBook uses PGMidi by Pete Goodliffe, Copyright 2010.
unrealBook uses MTStatusBarOverlay by Matthias Tretter Copyright 2009.
unrealBook uses UIImage+Resize.h by Trevor Harmon Copyright 2009
unrealBook uses KGDiscreetAlertView by David Keegan Copyright 2012
unrealBook uses patterns from

unrealBook uses WeTransfer/WeScan: Copyright (c) 2020 WeTransfer

unrealBook uses parts of TOCropViewController by Tim Oliver

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