Getting songs into unrealBook

The first thing that you must do is get PDF files into unrealBook. There are several ways to do this. Using iTunes is the main way to load a number of PDF files into unrealBook. All PDF files that are in the unrealBook Documents folder will be listed in the Songs menu. All files must be of PDF type and have a .pdf extension.

There are many ways to get PDF files into unrealBook, please access the Info & Help menu to access the support pages (must have internet connection). 

You can use iTunes, iMazing (from, email, open in…. from another program,, and Airdrop from a computer. Access the support pages for all fo the latest information.

Access the support pages (FAQ-Knowledge Base and Manual)


Access the unrealBook support page and get the latest information regarding unrealBook and iOS changes. All the latest information and questions answered.

Quick Start for – Access dropbox


You must have a account. Once you have an account, put your PDF files inside a folder. All of the PDF files must have a .pdf or .PDF extension. Choose Dropbox – Remote files from the Action menu. Log in with your dropbox name and password.

Quick Start for – download your new files


Navigate to your dropbox folder and choose Get New. All the newest files will be downloaded into unrealBook.

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