Navigate within your PDF document

Use the Go Button to jump between pages in a PDF document.


Use the Go window to jump to a page in the current PDF document. If you have a document that has lots of pages, you can use the Go button to help you navigate through your document. Tap on the Go button and a popup will appear. You can type in the page number directly or use the slider to scroll through pages. 

The M+ button will set the M button’s memory. It will remember the current page number. Use this for large pdf books that have an index. Go to the index page, then press the M+ button. After that, a press on the M button will take you back to the remembered page (which is currently set to the index page).

The Set Page 1 button is also used for pdf files that have an offset in the page number. What you do is go to the first page of the pdf that shows “page 1 visually” and then press the Set Page 1 button. Now, when you type a page number directly in the Page: field, unrealBook will automatically apply the offset taking you to the correct page. Note that this only works for positive page offsets. Pdf files that have negative page offsets, will not work correctly. The -10, -2, -1,+1,+2,+10 buttons will jump pages by those values. The thumbnail pictures on the right can be pressed and will take you directly to the pressed page. Thumbnails can be toggled off per file by toggling the Preview button. The Thumbs button will take you to a window that will show you a graphical display of thumbnails. The TOC button will display a table of contents of the current PDF if one is available.


The thumbs button will show you a thumbnail view of all of your pages in the PDF. Press a thumbnail to jump to that page.

TOC (Table of contents)


The TOC button will allow you to view the table of content information in a PDF. Not all PDF files have table of content information. If your PDF does contain a table of contents, then you can press the Create Index button to create an index of your PDF from the table of contents. You can then use this index like any other index which is found in the Songs menu.

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