Problems and Solutions

Problems and Solutions

Problem: unrealBook is acting strange – something used to work, now it doesn’t.
Try to completely quit unrealBook.  Try and run unrealbook again.

You want to be able to remember the songs that you played in a large pdf book and want to quickly access those songs again. 

Solution – use Bookmarks.
Select Add Bookmark from the Do Menu. Name the bookmark. Now the bookmark will appear in the main song list like any other file. Choose it to load the book and go directly to the song. 

Solution2 – use Export Pages.
Tap the Action Menu and choose Export Pages. The advantage of export pages over a bookmark is that Export Pages creates a new file that may load faster.

You need to quick way to recall songs that you need on the gig tonight. 

Solution – Use the set list feature in the Do Menu.
Create set lists using the set list feature and use the set list song popup to quickly access any song in the set list on the fly. 

You need to quick jump to another page due to a d.s. or to coda mark. 

Solution – Use the Hot Spot feature in the Do Menu.
Create Hot Spots and assign the page to jump to. 

You have a large “real book” type PDF with hundreds of pages. People are calling out songs on the fly. You need a way to get to the index page fast and a way to jump to the correct page number. The problem is that the page numbers don’t match what the PDF is telling you. Page 1 visually is really page 6 due to the cover page and notes. 

Solution – Use the Go Menu buttons.
Turn to the index page and hit the M+ button in the Go menu. Now any press on the M button will take you quickly to the index page. Now go to the first page that shows Page Number 1 visually (which could be page 6 etc….), now press the Set Page 1 button, now when you type any value into the Page: [] field, the correct page will be brought up. (Note: this will not work for PDFs with negative page offsets) 

Solution2 – Create an index for the PDF. Although this requires work ahead of time, you can create a searchable index for any large PDF in unrealBook.

You need to put a note to remind yourself to press program 8 on your keyboard during a section. 

Solution – Use the Add Text button in the Do Menu.
Select the Add Text button in the Do Menu and then press any where in the score. Now type in “program 8” and hit return. The note is placed on the score and automatically highlighted. 

You need to skim through a book quickly. 

Use the Go Menu -10, -2, -1, +1 +2 and +10 buttons to jump through the document quickly along with the Go Menu slider. 

You need to send someone a PDF or an annotated version of the current PDF. 

Solution – use the Action menu.
Press on the Action menu and choose from the various email choices. WARNING: do not choose Email ALL Screen Shots with a huge file because there is a limit to the maximum size and attachments that most email systems can handle. Use this for a maximum of 10 pages. 

You need to delete a file/bookmark or rename a file. 

Solution – use the Do Menu->Manage Files command.
Choose the Manage Files command in the Do Menu and select, then rename/delete your file. 

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