Using a BT-105 pedal

Note, the BT-106 and all other “keyboard” based pedals are the same. This includes iRig BlueTurn, Coda Technologies STOMP and PageFlip pedals. In the following instructions, all these pedals are referred to as BT-105.

Connect to the BT-105 via the Bluetooth settings page in the iOS settings app. The BT-105 must be in pairing mode. Here is the manual. In addition, the BT-105 must be in iPad Mode. This means it sends up and down arrow keys.

Once the BT-105 is connected successfully it will show up in the MY DEVICES list.

Once this is done. In unrealBook, choose settings->Network->Airturn Setup. In other apps, check the settings->Airturn Setup.

Make sure Keyboard Airturn is a device in the window.

Make sure Keyboard airturn is in the list.

If it is not in the list, add the Keyboard Airturn.

Choose Keyboard (unrealBook versions 4.23 and older)

If you have version 4.24 or later, the info button to the right of Keyboard Airturn will show you the signals your Bluetooth pedal is sending, like up arrow and down arrow.

Notice that if you press your pedal it should show up or down arrow. That means you are in iPad mode. You are done. Close this window by clicking out of it. unrealBook should turn pages with the BT-105.

For reference here is how to set the mode of the BT-105.

Turn off the BT-105 by pressing the red button for 2-3 secondsuntil the LED turns red. Release and the LED will blink 3 more times while the unit shuts down.

To change the mode to the iPad mode, turn off the BT-105 (see above), then turn in on while depressing the footswitch in Port 3-4 (the jack closest to the USB port). Keep the switch depressed until you see the first blink, then release the footswitch and power switch. You will then see one red blink, then 3 green blinks, then one final red blink. You are done.

Reset the pairing of the BT-105

To reset the pairing on the BT-105, turn it on, wait 3 seconds, press and hold the red button for 8 seconds until the LED blinks a rapid series of green and red, then release. If pairing is unsuccessful, delete the device displayed on the host computer and reset the BT-105 pairing again. Initial discovery may take up to 30 seconds (longer on some older PC and MAC computers). To delete the BT-105 from the iPad’s Bluetooth Device listing, tap the blue arrow button next to BT- 105’s serial number and connection status text (“Connected” or “Not Connected”), then press the “Forget this Device” button.

Starting Pairing with BT-105

Turn on the BT-105 by pressing the red power button and holding for 1 second. The LED will blink 3 times and attempt to pair with your computer.

Setting Modes on the DIGIT

1. Turn the DIGIT off.

  1. Hold down the down key (see above) for Presentation 2 & iPad mode.
  2. Turn on the DIGIT.
  3. Release the key as soon as you see the first LED light flash.

You will see the LED blink red once, green for 3 times based on the mode number, and then red one more time. For example, when the Down Arrow is selected for mode 3, the red light will blink once, green 3 times and red once.

Your DIGIT comes programmed ready for mode 3. 

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